Trivago has compiled a list of the most original “Please do not Disturb” signs

Nowadays, with the tourism increase there are a lot of hotels that looking for to offer their clients a different experience in an hotel.

Some of them opted for to have different “Please do not Disturb” signs.

The world’s biggest hotel price comparator has compiled some of the most original “Please Do not Disturb” signs, which stand in the doorway of hotel rooms all over the world.

See below the best 16 examples:


1 -Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

"Do not Disturb-I´m getting ready for complementary drinks"

“Do not Disturb. I´m getting ready for complementary drinks”


2- Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

“There are a million reasons you shouldn´t knock. If I were awake I´d tell you one”


3- Kaboom Hotel, Maastricht, Holanda

“Disturb me and I kill you”


4- The Student Hotel, Amsterdam

“Please do Disturb. I really need some affection”


5- Volkshotel, Amsterdam

“Need…Sleep. Please don´t wake me”


6- Volkshotel, Amsterdam


” Writing my First Novel. Do not Disturb”


7- The Dean, Dublin, Ireland

“Feck off & Do Not Disturb”


8- Library Hotel, New York, USA

“Please dust off my Books”


9- Library Hotel, New York, USA

“Shhh… Please let me read”


10- Harrah´s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA

” Building some pillow forts. Do not Disturb. “


11- Kimpton Buchanan, San Francisco, USA

“Earning sleep credits. Come back later”


12- Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Kuta, Indonesia

“Get my stage ready. Please clean room”


13- Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Kuta, Indonesia

“Not now.  My ego needs a rest. Please do not disturb”


14- Kong Arthur, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Do not Disturb”

15- 25h Hotel Bikini, Berlin, Germany

“Please place aspirin in fornt of the door and leave”

16- 25h Hotel Bikini, Berlin, Germany

“Remeber the movie Hangover? This is worse”


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