Tourism Growth

The activity in the Algarve hotel industry in August resulted in the growth of guests (+ 1.9%). More overnight stays (+ 2.0%) and more income (+ 11.7%). It´s compared to the same month of the previous year, thereby circumventing the slowdown. Signaled by the National Statistics Institute (INE) for national tourism.

The average stay (3.2 nights) decreased by 1.3%.  The bed occupancy rate (74.8%) increased by 0.3%.

According to the INE, the  increases registered in guests and overnight stays in Portugal in August are due to the slowdown in both the domestic and foreign markets.

In August, hotels  were sought by 590 000 guests (+ 1.9% than in August 2016). This generated over three million overnight stays (+ 2.0%) and total revenues superior than EUR 218 million ( + 11.7%).


Figure 1- Overnight Stays- Monthly Variation Rates



In the Algarve the domestic market contributed one million overnight stays in August, presentig a ver slight increse (+0.2% or more 57,510 overnights).

At the country level, both the British market (+ 1.2%), as the German (+ 10.0%) recorded more overnight stays in the month under review.

The results accumulated in the Algarve between January and August are even more favorable in all the main indicators of tourism activity.

The cumulative number of guests exceeds 2.8 million tourists (+ 4.8% over the previous year). The income exceeded 759 million euros (+ 13.9%) and overnight stays totaled around 13.8 million (+ 6.0%).

In the first eight months of the year, the absolute number of overnight stays in hotels increased by 779 thousand compared to 2016 (+ 6.0%). But if we go back in time, there are three million more cumulative overnight stays than in 2013 (+ 27.8%).

Figure 2- Total income and room rates

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