The fall of Monarch

Passengers with travel tickets on Monarch are entitled to refund and compensation

The end of Monarch, declared bankruptcy and ceased to operate. The airline left the Algarve hoteliers with payments in arrears worth 36 million euros, for the months of August and September. The airline took 80,000 tourists to the south of the country through tour operators that left unpaid payments.

Tourists paid directly to tour operators such as Monarch Holidays, Somewhere2stay and Avro. This companies from the same group now have no way to pay off the debt.

The National Authority of Civil Aviation (ANAC) informs passengers with trip marked with this airline who are entitled at least to refund of the ticket’s value and compensation if the cancellation occurred less than two weeks in advance.
In a statement, the regulator reports that passengers have to receive the refund of the additional costs they have incurred due to cancellation of their flight, provided they have been proven.
The aviation regulator in Portugal also asks the passengers to inform the ANAC of the requests sent, through the following e-mail address:
Passengers with travel tickets on Monarch are entitled to refund and compensation

The Fall of Monarch

Tourim Growth: Algarve hotel industry consolidates three million monthly overnight stays

Tourism Growth

The activity in the Algarve hotel industry in August resulted in the growth of guests (+ 1.9%). More overnight stays (+ 2.0%) and more income (+ 11.7%). It´s compared to the same month of the previous year, thereby circumventing the slowdown. Signaled by the National Statistics Institute (INE) for national tourism.

The average stay (3.2 nights) decreased by 1.3%.  The bed occupancy rate (74.8%) increased by 0.3%.

According to the INE, the  increases registered in guests and overnight stays in Portugal in August are due to the slowdown in both the domestic and foreign markets.

In August, hotels  were sought by 590 000 guests (+ 1.9% than in August 2016). This generated over three million overnight stays (+ 2.0%) and total revenues superior than EUR 218 million ( + 11.7%).


Figure 1- Overnight Stays- Monthly Variation Rates



In the Algarve the domestic market contributed one million overnight stays in August, presentig a ver slight increse (+0.2% or more 57,510 overnights).

At the country level, both the British market (+ 1.2%), as the German (+ 10.0%) recorded more overnight stays in the month under review.

The results accumulated in the Algarve between January and August are even more favorable in all the main indicators of tourism activity.

The cumulative number of guests exceeds 2.8 million tourists (+ 4.8% over the previous year). The income exceeded 759 million euros (+ 13.9%) and overnight stays totaled around 13.8 million (+ 6.0%).

In the first eight months of the year, the absolute number of overnight stays in hotels increased by 779 thousand compared to 2016 (+ 6.0%). But if we go back in time, there are three million more cumulative overnight stays than in 2013 (+ 27.8%).

Figure 2- Total income and room rates

The most strangest hotels in the world

The most strangest hotels in the world

If you have money, time and willingness to see the world, know you can not forget the hotel, and preferably it is a GOOD hotel. If you are a curious person you can stay in one of the most strangest hotels in the world.

Did you thouhgt  sleep inside a giant intestine?Or in a bunker? Or even in the middle of the ice?Or in a giant dog?

Nowadays it is possible.

We show you below, some of the strangest hotels in the world:


1-TreeHotel, Sweden
Have to carry your luggage up there near the top of the trees, it is not so bad if it is to stay at the Treehotel in Sweden.

The lodges are in floating rooms in the middle of a forest. The hotel was designed to be magnificient by the best sweedish architects who displayed the design innovation. Inside, the lodges are very comfortable.

There are a few types of lodges. Like the Cabin, the Mirror Cube, a UFO shaped suite, the Bird´s Nest and the Blue Cone (actually is in red colour).

The Cabin


The Mirror Cube


The Blue Cone


Bird´s Nest




2- V8 Hotel,Meilenwerk,  Germany

Are you a cars lover? If you are, the V8 Hotel is the best for you.

Each room has an automotive theme. You can sleep in a Mercedes Suite, in a Car Wash, in a Gas Station, in a Drive-In Cinema, for example.

The Workshop


The Mercedes Suite


The Camping Room


The Drive- In Cinema


Route 66


Gas Station


The Car Wash



3- The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Suécia

The hotel is in Lapland, Sweden, and is rebuilt every winter. It has 65 rooms with beds made of ice.

While the temperature inside is around -5 ° C, it is warmer than the outside temperature, which is about -15 ° C.

The Ice Hotel


The Ice Hotel Bar


4- Capsule Hotels, Japan

In Japan, there are a few hotels which bedrooms are in a little capsules. There are very popular.

The capsules are smaal, measuring about 1 x 2 meters but many of them offer television and wireless internet. Bathrooms are shared and there are restaurants. It´s not allowed eat inside the capsules.

A Capsule Hotel


The capsule rooms


5- Null Stern Hotel I, Switzerland

Was the first hotel without stars with the slogan “The only star is you”, created  artists Frank and Patrike Riklin and businessman Daniel Charbonnier, all Swiss.

It was created  in a disabled nulear power plant. It worked for a year an received 3000 guests during this period. Today, the place operates as a museum that tells the history of the mill.


Null Stern Hotel


Null Stern Hotel-Room


6- Null Stern Hotel II

The place has only one room without walls, ceilings or doors. The concept, called “outdoor bed”, was created by the same creator of the first Null Hotel. It has only one double bed, two bedside tables, lamps and benches.

The nearest bathroom is located 1.6 km away. If it rains there is a shelter 50 meters from the room, with basic supplies like blankets.

The space is only available between the 1st of July and 31 August, the summer period in the northern hemisphere, when the temperature in Switzerland fluctuates between 18 and 25 degrees.

Null Stern Hotel


Null Stern Hotel


Null Stern Hotel


7-Woodlyn Park, New Zealand

In the Woodlyn Park, located in North Island of New Zealand there are also many different types of lodges. It has 10 motel units: 2 Hobbit Units, the Waitanic Ship with 5 suites, The Bristol Freightor plane with 2 units and the Waitanic Express Train.


The Hobbit Motel


The Bristol Freightor Plane


The Watanic Express Train


The Watanic Ship


8- Dog Park Inn, Idaho, USA

This hotel is located in Conttonwood, Idaho, United States of America. It is for dog lovers.

The room accommodates 4 people and contains a full bathroom, microwave, air conditioning, books, games and puzzles, just do not have TV and telephone.

When you stay there, a continental self-service breakfast is offered. It is worth knowing, even if only out of curiosity.

Dog Bark Park Inn


Dog Bark Park Inn interior


9-Das Park Hotel, Austria

This hotel located in Austria, is composed by reused concrete tubes, wich were turned into rooms.

Each room has a bed, light, and electric power. These rooms are in a park, a quiet and pleasant place. The place has restrooms and the hotel offers meals.


Das Park Hotel


Das Park Hotel rooms


10- Hotel CasAnus, Belgium

It is a hotel with a shape of a human intestine wich is located in Kemzeke,  Belgium. This is a sculpture made  Joep Van Lieshout.

It contains a double bed, heater, shower and toilet.

Hotel CasAnus


CasAnus bedroom

The most original “Please do not Disturb” signs

Trivago has compiled a list of the most original “Please do not Disturb” signs

Nowadays, with the tourism increase there are a lot of hotels that looking for to offer their clients a different experience in an hotel.

Some of them opted for to have different “Please do not Disturb” signs.

The world’s biggest hotel price comparator has compiled some of the most original “Please Do not Disturb” signs, which stand in the doorway of hotel rooms all over the world.

See below the best 16 examples:


1 -Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

"Do not Disturb-I´m getting ready for complementary drinks"

“Do not Disturb. I´m getting ready for complementary drinks”


2- Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

“There are a million reasons you shouldn´t knock. If I were awake I´d tell you one”


3- Kaboom Hotel, Maastricht, Holanda

“Disturb me and I kill you”


4- The Student Hotel, Amsterdam

“Please do Disturb. I really need some affection”


5- Volkshotel, Amsterdam

“Need…Sleep. Please don´t wake me”


6- Volkshotel, Amsterdam


” Writing my First Novel. Do not Disturb”


7- The Dean, Dublin, Ireland

“Feck off & Do Not Disturb”


8- Library Hotel, New York, USA

“Please dust off my Books”


9- Library Hotel, New York, USA

“Shhh… Please let me read”


10- Harrah´s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA

” Building some pillow forts. Do not Disturb. “


11- Kimpton Buchanan, San Francisco, USA

“Earning sleep credits. Come back later”


12- Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Kuta, Indonesia

“Get my stage ready. Please clean room”


13- Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Kuta, Indonesia

“Not now.  My ego needs a rest. Please do not disturb”


14- Kong Arthur, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Do not Disturb”

15- 25h Hotel Bikini, Berlin, Germany

“Please place aspirin in fornt of the door and leave”

16- 25h Hotel Bikini, Berlin, Germany

“Remeber the movie Hangover? This is worse”


10 Tips on how to get a cheap accomodation in the Algarve

The best tips to make a cheap vacations in the Algarve

When we travel, one of the most concerns is the travel cost. Just like us, there are many people with the same question: how to get a cheap accomodation. And for that, we elaborate a list of travel tips to how to find a cheap accomodation in the Algarve.

1. First of all, you have to plan you trip.

2. Schedule in advance to be able to find discounts in the flight and take advantage of the promotions some airlines do. Search on a site like Edreams, which have the best flights.

3. To book your hotel, choose an aggregator like Booking where you can save you research, reservations and reviews.

4. Two of the advantages are after making five bookings on the website enter for the Booking.Genius program and earn 10% off the next booking and do not take cancellation fees at most of the accommodation locations.

5. If you have a rental car, you can choose an accomodation located outside the city centre and not in the centre. It´s better if you rent a car because the places are close each other and you can visit many places.

6. Compare the value of the accomodation on the same category to better measure the qualite-price ratio.

7. Try to find an accomodation that has a kitchen to take one or another meal at home, so as not to spend a lot of money.

8. To take advantage of the Algarve you have to take a bath into the blue ocean, ride a bike. Take the Algarve Pass in a Tourism Office with discounts in many experiences like restaurants, Slide & Splash tickets,Zoomarine, Aquashow, Kayak Tour, Balloon Flight with Picnic.

9. Search the site of Turismo de Portugal and of VisitAlgarve (Algarve Tourism Board) to know the places to visit. See TripAdvisor for Tourist feedback.

10. Use Google Maps to know the distance between the place of the accomodation and the places that you will visit.


Have a nice trip!  😀



Ponta da Piedade-Lagos

Ponta da Piedade, Lagos